30 Seconds Sightseeing in Vietnam

After leaving my local friend’s hometown,
I decided to visit Vietnam for a few days.

After shopping in the store,
we were thinking of going to Ho Chi Minh.

However, the immigration staff in Cambodia
pointed out my friend’s passport is expired.

Holy crap!

To make the matter even worse,
I had the stamp on my passport already.

Although I asked him cancel my stamp,
he demanded $5 as the cancellation fee.

As I thought it’s ridiculous,
I decided to go to Vietnam for a moment
and then come back to make everything in order.

After waiting for my turn for about 30 minutes
in the long queue at Vietnamese immigration office,
I enjoyed Vietnam for about 30 seconds.

Probably it would have been better to pay $5
rather than waiting in the long queue for 30 minutes twice
at the hot immigration office.

Anyway, I hope I visit Vietnam again
and stay a bit longer next time.