Raicho Guesthouse in Norikura Highland

I traveled around Norikura Highland in Nagano Prefecture,

where I found a nice guest house with authentic hot springs.

Kanko (Sightseeing) Center would be your base in Norikura region.







Just follow the street on the opposite side of Kanko center and you will soon see a branch road on the right side.








Be sure to select the right path slightly running upwards.







There is a sign of the guesthouse although the front of the guesthouse is covered with trees.







Here we arrived!







The reception. You can reserve your bath time here for exclusive use.







The spacious lounge is ideal for communication among guests.







They sell some snacks and drinks including beer and sake here.







If you have a sleeping bag, the dormititory costs only 2,500 yen.







The inside bath tub







The outside bath tub was awfully beatiful in the morning glow.







The buffet style breakfast costs only 500 yen (including some self-cooking).







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