The 8 Inspirations I got from Cambodia

I have visited Cambodia three times.

The first one was 7 years ago,
when I saw many beggars at Poi Pet
(A city across the border from Thai Land).

The second time was several months ago,
when I came here to visit Angkor Wat.

The third time is this time for business.

And what I was impressed with
at the second and third time visits
is I hardly saw any beggars on the border.

Needless to say,
Cambodia is growing rapidly
like many other Asian emerging countries.

Here, I summarized 8 inspirations
based on my personal experience
during the last three visits,
although it might be subjective
and updated later.

1. Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat definitely deserves to visit.
Especially, the sunrise is stunning
(as you see on the header image of my blog.
But of course the real one is not comparable).

2. Killing Field
Do not forget to visit the Killing Field
to remember what the communist party did for this country
and the potential cruelty of human beings.

3. Some things are not so cheap as you expect.
Especially, if you come from Thai Land,
you would miss the cheap, good quality
and a variety of Thai street foods.

4. French, Vietnamese and Chinese Influence
Phnon Penh is sometimes called “petit Paris”
and you will find a lot of such things here
(e.g. baguatte pate sandwich,colonial-style buildings,etc.)

5. Double Currency System
If you are from a country adopting single currency system,
it is a good chance to experience the pros and cons of
the double currency system: USD and Riel.

6. Younger Power
60-70% of the total population consists of the younger
who are between 20 and 30. If you are from a country
with a lot of pensioners, you might be overwhelmed by
the juvenility and dynamism of this country.

7. Compare with the Neighbors
Viet Nam, Thai Land, Myammer, Laos…
Compare with other ASEAN countries and
clarify the relative differences to get more inspirations.

8. A Paradise for Beer Lovers
If you love beer and do not have much money,
just come here to enjoy a cheap mug starting from 0.50 USD
and consider why it is so expensive in your country.