The Hometown of Tonkotsu Ramen: Fukuoka

Hi guys!

I’m in Fukuoka city of Japan.

Although there are many famous local dishes here,

Tonkotsu Ramen would be the most famous one.

Yesterday I visited several ramen shops,

all of which are very famous domestically or internationally.

Hide-chan Ramen

The original shop of Hide-chan Ramen, which branch has shown up in New York. The owner produced Totto Ramen in New York, which has become one of the best ramen shops in the US.

Hide-chan counter

There are one table seat and counter inside.

Hide-chan signs

Many celebrities have visited here and left their autographs.

Hide-chan menu

The menu is simple. Not many sides.

Hide-chan ramen

I ordered Hide-chan ramen with egg. The broth was solid although I felt a bit salty. But I appreciate their effort not to use MSG. Cha-siu pork was tasty.

Hide-chan egg

The egg here was the best in my ramen experience so far. Literally life-changing. I strongly recommand the egg here.

Hide-chan ginger

The free ginger picles are really nice refleshment and wash out the greese in your mouth.

Ippudo original shop

I visited the original Ippudo, which branch in New York has acquired incredible popularity.


Ippudo inside

This restaurant is also a hole-in-the-wall type and there are few table seats and tiny counters.

Ippudo ramen

I ordered famous Akamaru Modern ramen. Yes, absolutely top-notch ramen! Although the white tonkotsu broth itself has enough complexity, the black ma-yu and red chili sauce add extra layers and accents of taste. Your tastebuds will never feel bored!

Ippudo sprout

The free complement of sprout was just amazing. Actually I thought I could eat all of them.



Menchanko-Tei, which branch also opens in New York, was also born here.

Menchanko-Tei Menu 2

Although many dishes including tonkotsu ramen can be served here, their signiture dish is "menchanko", which is special noodle dish inspired by sumo food: "chanko".

Menchanko-Tei Menu

"Izakaya" (Japanese pub) menu is also available. Cheers!

Ichiran: Tonkotsu Ramen shop

Ichiran is domestically famous for its tonkotsu ramen and unique serving style. They are also trying to expand their branches worldwide.

Apart from above shops, there are so many tonkotsu ramen shops in Fukuoka

and compete hard each other  every day.

So if you are addictive to tonkotsu ramen,

just visit here and you will never regret.